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Welcome to The Production Department (TPD for short)

We are a nifty and nimble company with a big ambition: to be the best bods in the events industry and deliver exceptional events around the ruddy world. We are built by and for event industry professionals. We know how hard it is to pull off the perfect event. We’ve done them enough times. But because we have, we’ve got the winning formula. Our team is made up of people with decades of experience in every type of event imaginable, so you’ll be working with some of the most experienced people in the industry.

What’s Important to TPD?

At TPD our values are the Gorilla Glue that hold together everything we do, and we expect our team to demonstrate their commitment to this Gorilla Glue on every job. Just what are these values, then?

•               Trust – We ask ourselves questions, like, would we trust you to walk the dog? (Answer: probably.) Would we trust you to deliver, act professionally and take responsibility? (Answer: Every. Single. Time.) Could we trust you to find a solution? EVEN if you didn’t create the problem? (Answer: You betcha, that’s what we expect.)

•               Partnership – Like Shrek and Donkey, together we can achieve great things. Relationships and partnerships are things that grow and compound over time. We make the effort to learn from our clients, colleagues and suppliers – how they work and accommodating their practices (and occasionally suggesting how they can make them better).

•               Innovation – There’s no resting on our laurels around here. We innovate, we improve, we push things forward… and we expect the same of you. The words “we’ve tried that before” are always accompanied with “and this is what we learnt”.

•               Pride, Passion & Fun – When people ask “what do you do?”,  we say something like this: “we’ve travelled the globe, gone to places we would have never imagined, created experiences for people to enjoy, facilitated events that have changed the world, met colleagues from many cultures who have become friends and had a huge amount of fun along the way. We may not be saving lives but we are not going to regret a single moment of ours.” We know you’ll want to say the same.


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