About the Company

Entedi is a technology equipment solutions provider.

We pronounce our name entity, as in a company with distinct and independent existence. Entedi is an acronym for Entertainment Technology Distribution. Taking the first two letters from each word forms Entedi.

Our clients use our products typically in stage, theatre, events, touring, film & TV, production, venues, installations, architectural and education.

The demands on our clients to always offer something new and creative and on budget means that finding the right product is critical. Finding the right supply channel is also important. With more and more products flooding the markets thus creating confusion about where investments can make the best return, we think our offering has the customer in mind, because we believe our partners offer product for the long term.

This is why Entedi thinks it’s different. Not only do we care about what we do, we care about our clients being successful and we care about offering solutions that add real value.

Entedi was built by and continues to be run by a team of professional knowledgeable industry people.

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