TAIT Towers is the Market Leader in designing, constructing and delivering world-class solutions for live experiences.

Whether it’s creating awe-inspiring spectaculars, complex touring stages, theatre engineering solutions, brand activations or cruise ship installations, TAIT delivers world-class solutions for live experiences. With its proprietary entertainment automation platform, custom-made products, and creative engineering, TAIT’s cutting-edge offerings continue to advance industry standards and exceed client expectations. As a global network of over 900 employees in 14 office locations, TAIT has worked on projects in over 30 countries, all 7 continents and even outer space. TAIT’s diverse group of clients include Taylor Swift, Cirque Du Soleil, The Metropolitan Opera House, NASA, National Geographic, Beyoncé and The Olympics.

Position Purpose:

The Mechanical Design Engineer / Senior is a competent and experienced design engineer, able to execute all design phases of a project (or multiple projects simultaneously). They may assume overall project responsibility or responsibility for particular project elements, and will monitor progress and report back to a senior engineer regards technical, schedule and budgetary constraints. The successful candidate must maintain knowledge of the cutting edge of technology in relevant subject areas.

Whilst the role does not involve any direct line management, there will be duties in delegation of work, planning, supporting and mentoring staff as required. An effective Mechanical Design Engineer / Senior will demonstrate and develop their leadership skills to build high performance teams and maintain a positive approach to all challenges.

Key Responsibilities:

General Responsibilities

Ensure safety and quality processes are maintained.
Possesses and applies a knowledge of more advanced engineering principles and practices with minimal supervision.
Awareness and assessment of state-of-the-art technologies and industry competition/any new market opportunities for products which may help bolster TAIT’s market position.
Maintains good working relationships and instils confidence in colleagues throughout the organisation at all levels.
Maintains an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities. The Engineering Council defines these as:
Honesty and integrity
Respect for life, law the environment and public good
Accuracy and rigour
Leadership and communication
Technical Responsibilities

Drives the development of new techniques and/or improved processes, documentation, or products. Familiar with company solutions across the range of disciplines.
Has ownership of larger project elements and/or small projects, ranging from proven schemes and solutions to more complex and novel applications, uses company reporting tools to track progress and reports up to SMD/SMDE or HOD.
Involved in/responsible for resolving key technical issues and/or unique conditions by using expertise gained through real world application.
Support bidding teams by inputting into product data sheets/client information for ‘standard products’.
Conducts preliminary facility impacts and high level first pass calculations.
Support the design process by consideration of client contractual/IP requirements & standards
Conduct the relevant calculations typically with hand calcs, Excel spreadsheets, FEA and specialist software, and review this work when done by others.
Support project management with client meetings, site surveys where required, technical or commercial queries and client design team comments & requests
Support production department with respective handover meetings from design, technical or commercial queries, update from red-lines, inspection – potentially including planning and supporting internal and external Factory Acceptance Testing and inspection visits – and sign-off.
Support legacy equipment (potentially designed by others – internal or external), via the support department or through other routes.
Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering (typically Mechanical), or equivalent combination of education and experience – Desirable
3D CAD Proficient – CATIA – Desirable
Committed to Continuous Professional Development and engaged in Industry seminars, trade shows and activities of relevant professional bodies.
Typical relevant experience in mechanical design and engineering calculations necessary for this role = 5 years+ – Desirable

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