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Like many great stories, ours starts in London in the early ’70s.

Two sound technicians working at the Royal Opera House, Andrew Bruce and Phil Clifford, are approached by a well-known theatre producer. He’s concerned about the quality of the sound systems available in London’s West End and commissions a report on the industry. And so, out of curiosity, Andrew and Phil dutifully took on the challenge and were promptly invited to design and rent him a sound system that worked.

Autograph Sound was born, and the stage was set to continue to provide exceptional quality sound to London theatres.

Autograph Today
Half a century later, Autograph is considered a cornerstone of the industry and the world’s premier theatre sound design and equipment rental company.

We’ve grown, we’ve evolved, but we haven’t aged. We’re just as excited about sound as we ever were, you’ll just find us in a few more places now; whilst we’re still providing sound across a majority of West End Shows, we also provide sound and audio-visual solutions globally, for corporate clients, immersive experiences, places of worship, leading educational facilities, festivals, cruise ships and more.

50 Years Later
Our natural theatrical instincts are what’s made us the go-to professionals in sound innovation. And, as one of the oldest and most experienced in the field of sound, we’ve developed a unique ear for detail and a flair for showmanship.

We’re a tight team with clear, shared expertise. Our talents have been acquired through years of experience at the Royal Opera House, the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Exchange Manchester, the Royal Court Theatre, every other West End theatre and many regional theatres and companies. We still stay ahead and grounded in our sense of curiosity and continuing professional approach to sound production. And, recently our collective talent has taken us into electrifying new live event spaces like Secret Cinema and, most recently, Championship Football.

Our rigid philosophy of being plugged in at all times means critical systems back up and swift reactions to emergencies is a reflex that is deeply rooted in all of us. And in the next 50 years, that will not change; we’ll always be here to support you, from design to installation and long after you go live.

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